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Quality suspended ceilings across Kerala

Suspended ceilings are a popular choice for business and home improvers all over the country.

Also known as hanging ceilings, drop ceilings or false ceilings, they are suspended from a building’s main structural ceiling, leaving a small cavity between the two.

The suspended ceiling can then be removed from its mount in order to access this cavity for any servicing or maintenance requirements.

                                                  Why opt for a suspended ceiling?

There are many reasons to choose a suspended ceiling for your home or workplace. Integrating appliances into the actual ceiling space gives you a smart and functional way to adapt the room to your specifications.

A choice of suspended ceiling solutions

Here at Gypco, we provide a selection of suspended ceiling solutions for our customers across Surrey and South West London. These include:
• Grid and tile ceiling systems – quick to install, allowing instant access to the ceiling cavity by pushing the tile from below
• Metal frame ceiling systems – composed of plasterboard panels and a metal framework, allowing for tremendous versatility in their design and application


There are many situations, such as offices, kitchens or bathrooms, where a hanging a light fitting from a ceiling is neither practical nor appealing. With a suspended ceiling, lights can be incorporated at the design stage. Whether you intend to use a single, central light, or a number of spotlights, the choice is yours.


As with lighting, audio speakers can also be combined into your suspended ceiling. This is a great option for commercial premises – retail or hospitality – and can also be utilised by homeowners looking to create a built-in, room-to-room sound system.

                                                    Benefits of suspended ceilings

Apart from the wealth of equipment you can include into the design of your false ceiling, there are many other added advantages.

Neat and Tidy

While there’s nothing stopping you from wiring up all of the above and attaching them to the structural ceiling of your property or premises, every light, speaker and camera will leave a trail of wires stretching along the ceiling and down the walls. With a suspended ceiling, all wires, pipes and cables are artfully hidden in the ceiling cavity, not only enhancing the look of your refurbished room, but also removing potential trip hazards and other dangers.

Noise reduction

Suspended ceilings have the potential to aid noise reduction through the use of materials such as sound block plasterboard.

Energy efficient

Insulation can also be laid above the suspended ceiling giving a double benefit – adding warmth and reducing energy bills.

A modern look

Aesthetics are everything when designing a room. As practical as a suspended ceiling might be, it also looks fantastic. With a variety of designs available, you are guaranteed a finished product that looks beautiful and modern – an ideal addition to any home or business.

                                            Your local ceiling specialists

Gypco has been a trusted name in the industry for more than 11 years. Our reputation for delivering affordable excellence across Kerala, as well as clients further afield across the Kerala has been built on the recommendations of our many, many happy customers.

What happens next

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