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Suspended Ceiling

Suspended ceiling is usually a secondary ceiling, adorned below the most (structural) ceiling. It’s conjointly called a drop ceiling, Alpine lift ceiling, born ceiling, or suspended ceiling. It’s a staple of recent construction and design. The world on top of the false ceiling is named the plenum area, because it is usually used for HVAC air comes back. The plenum area is additionally terribly usually wont to conceal piping, wiring, and/or ductwork.

We are occupied with assembling an extent of onyx dark roof, which is known for its more stupendous quality, unrivaled acoustic and warm lands. This roof is suggested in particular holy places, assembly rooms, theaters, dull rooms, open edifices, instructive foundations, gymnasia, retail outlets and so on. Our reach is accessible in changed sizes, width and fulfills to meet the differing decisions of customers.

Commercial Ceiling

With the changing time, everyone wishes change everywhere. Most of the people are interested to add false ceiling because these are used in terms of good appealing to ceiling, for resisting hot coming from the roof etc. Everyone wishes to make his place best and attractive. We provide a wide range of false ceiling designs-Kerala. You can get various types of designs, color according to your taste and preferences which will give you satisfaction.

For enhancing the beauty of our products we use beautiful colors. These products are easy to install and maintain. Our range gives a touch of royalty and sophistication in the ambiance. Our clients come to us with various requirements and they get whatever they wish. Specialty of our products is, these are light weight, fire resistance, easy to install and damp proof. You will get a clean, subtle look of your ceiling which communicates a sense of permanence and durability.

Domestic Ceiling

Suspended ceilings are fast becoming one of the most popular choices for new build projects and also with homeowners looking to remodel or renovate a space.

Drywall Partitions

Constructed to our regular high standards, these interior walls are a quick and effective way to divide a room.

A partition acts as a non-loadbearing wall and is a great way of dividing space.

Partitions offer an affordable, flexible solution whether you are looking to enhance space for your staff, rework your layout or build a storage area.

Sound Proofing

Soundproofing is any method of decreasing the sound weight as for a specified sound source and receptor. There are numerous fundamental methodologies to decreasing sound: expanding the separation between source and collector, utilizing commotion boundaries to reflect or osmose the vigor of the sound waves, utilizing damping structures, for example sound astounds, or utilizing dynamic antinoise sound generators.

Two dissimilar soundproofing issues may need to be acknowledged when outlining acoustic medicines – to enhance the sound inside a room and decrease sound spillage to/from neighboring rooms or outside. Acoustic calming, clamor relief, and commotion control could be utilized to breaking point unwanted commotion. Soundproofing can stifle unwanted roundabout sound waves, for example reflections that reason echoes and resonances that reason resonation. Soundproofing can decrease the transmission of unwanted immediate sound waves from the source to an automatic audience through the utilization of separation and interceding questions in the sound way.

We do sound proofing especially holy places, assembly rooms, theaters, dull rooms, open edifices, instructive foundations, gymnasia, stores then on. Our reach is accessible in modified sizes, dimension and fulfills to fulfill the differing choices of consumers.

Heat Insulation

Heat insulation or Thermal insulation is that the reduction of warmth transfer (the transfer of thermal energy between objects of differing temperature) between objects in thermal contact or in varies of radiative influence. Thermal insulation will be achieved with specially designed strategies or processes, additionally like appropriate object shapes and materials.

Heat flow is associate inevitable consequence of contact between objects of differing temperature. Thermal insulation provides a neighborhood of insulation during which thermal conductivity is reduced or thermal radiation is mirrored instead of absorbed by the lower-temperature body.

Insulation works as a barrier to heat transfer, serving to to stay out unwanted heat in summer and protective precious heat within your aim winter. It may also facilitate soundproof your home from unwanted mobile noise transfer.

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