Suspended ceilings for commercial clients across the Kerala

No matter what your business, a suspended ceiling is a great investment.

Gypco has provided bespoke suspended ceilings for commercial clients throughout the Kerala.

Much of that longevity is down to the reputation our family business has amassed as the foremost provider of suspended ceilings in the region, coupled with the high-quality materials we use from our top-notch suppliers.

Benefits of a suspended ceiling

Sometimes referred to as false, drop, or hanging ceilings – suspended ceilings are hung from the main soffit to form a secondary platform below, bringing you:
• Convenience – tailor your ceiling to suit business needs
• Security – a safe space to install security systems
• Control – easy access for maintenance of lighting, sound and other installations

A choice of suspended ceiling solutions

At Gypco, we offer you the ideal solution for your ceiling needs. Our two main variations are metal frame MF plasterboard ceilings and grid and tile ceilings. Both have their advantages and we are happy to advise you on the best solution for your particular business needs. MF ceilings offer tremendous versatility of design, while grid and tile ceilings provide instant access to the ceiling cavity.

A modern look

With numerous designs to choose from, you can give your office a refreshingly modern look that is sure to be a hit with your staff and clientele. For retailers, the visual impact of your store is a given, and a light, airy and clutter-free space can only add to your venue’s appeal. Depending on the type of business you have will determine the type of tiles we would recommend for an office a popular tile is Armstong Dune or AMF Fine Stratos and if you have a kitchen area or bakery Satin Spa is a great option due to being wipeable, ideal where hygiene levels need to be maintained.

All in one

Lighting, sound systems, security cameras, internet cables, air conditioning are all essential ingredients for a successful business – and all can be incorporated into the initial design of the ceiling. From the outset you get to decide where the lights, speakers, cameras, vents and access panels are located. We work with you to find out what’s best for your company.

Safety first

Commercial premises use endless amounts of cables and for this reason alone, a suspended ceiling from A B Ceilings is a must. Why risk your customers’ safety amid a tangle of cables when you can lay all those messy wires within the hidden area between the original and the false ceiling – all the while maintaining easy access for maintenance and repair.

Names you can trust

Your customers deserve the best and, as our  customer, we think you do too. This is why we use only top quality materials and products.

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